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Have you any respect? June 16, 2010

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So today I was on the bus and an argument broke out. Now the bus was crowded so everybody was on everybody, and I don’t know if the one person standing stepped on the person sitting or what, but the argument happened. Here’s the kicker, the argument was between a woman in her 40s (the sitter) and little girl no more than 10 yrs old (the stander).

Now I’m sure the argument could have been avoided by a simple “excuse me”, but that didn’t happen. All I know is that this grown woman was arguing with this child as if she were grown. Then the younger girl’s mouth got filthier than a Times Square garbage can. Some of the words that came out of her mouth…good lawd. I mean all kinds of b-word, s-word, p-word, kiss my a-word, everything. And it didn’t help that the high school aged boys on the bus were laughing and “oooh”ing, which did nothing but egg the little girl on. The bus driver ended up kicking everyone off the bus at the next stop (which luckily was my stop). While I went on to my destination, a few things popped into my head.

1. Why was this grown woman arguing with this child? I mean, she was old enough to be her grandmother. Why bother?

2. Where was this child’s mother? Was she on the bus by herself with no family, friends, or classmates?

3. What is she hearing in her house? That little girl was using language that I don’t even here some adults use. I hate to say it, but I’m sure her mother or whomever she lives with is using that language, and that child is soaking it all up. Horrible.

4. Those boys were laughing, which did nothing but encourage her. What they should have done was told her to stop. I’m pretty sure she would have listen to them.

Now call me old fashion, but when I was 10 years old, I never would have thought to speak to adult that way, or anyone for that matter. Hell, I’m 26 and I still wouldn’t dare do it. But our young people today say and do whatever they want. They aren’t taught respect. Do their parents command respect in the household? Are they being taught the difference between right and wrong? You can blame media all you want, but what happens in the home matters too. And if our young people aren’t being taught correctly in the home, how we expect them to act correctly in public?

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