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Her skin color problem isn’t the problem….. September 17, 2010

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So over the last day or so, there has been controversy of Gabourey Sidibe’s picture on the cover or Elle Magazine. This one:

Now people are complaining that her skin was lightened for this picture. And looking at the picture, it probably was. We know how Hollywood is. However, I don’t think that should be what we are worrying about. The more important issue is that this sista is morbidly obese and NO ONE wants to acknowledge it.

Now let me say this. I don’t have anything against the sista. I’m happy she’s doing movies and tv and so one. I’m not a hater. I’m a realist. We need to stop acting like her size is normal. And this isn’t saying something against the curvy thick sistas. Alicia Keys is thick. Chrisette Michelle is thick. Jennifer Hudson is, or was, thick.  Gabby Sidibe is overweight and it is going to affect her health in a bad way.

Per the Office of Minority Health: “African American women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese compared to other groups in the U.S. About four out of five African American women are overweight or obese.” Obesity leads to Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer all which African-American woman are at HIGH risk for.

So when we have a young african american woman who is obviously obese, why isn’t anyone helping her? Hell she knows Oprah, and Oprah has been dealing with her weight for YEARS! All those people who are saying “Oh she is a beautiful black woman” are just ignoring the facts and if anything, making it worse. Yes she is a beautiful sista, but she’s putting her health at risk. Patti LaBelle learned that lesson when she was diagnosed with Diabetes.

We all know that Ms. Gabby is aware of her weight, but is she aware that she will also become a role model for many beautiful dark chocolate girls in America? There are probably other obese young women other there who see Ms. Gabby and feel proud. But they shouldn’t feel proud just because she’s a big girl, but because she acknowledged she was putting her health in danger and took safe and correct ways to change that. Seeing and hearing her say “I changed my life for the better and so can you. Here’s how:” may be just what these young women need. But it’s getting Ms. Gabby to say those words. That’s the problem.

And don’t come at me with that Monique “Skinny girls are evil” talk. Even Monique came to her senses and lost the weight.

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Stop lying about wanting your success!!! September 16, 2010

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So I was reading the entertainment section of CNN at work (Hey I had some free time, don’t judge me). I clicked on the VMA re-cap video. I saw Gaga’s meat dress, heard a clip of Taylor’s lost keys and saw the clip of Justin Beiber excepting his award. He was saying how he just a boy a from a small town in Canada and he never thought this would happen. And a little voice inside of me screamed:


I’m so sick of artists winning awards and saying “Oh, I never thought this would happen.” Yes you did!!! Granted, there may be a few, and I mean a VERY FEW artists who generally never intended to become famous artists. It just happened. But the majority of singers/rappers have been dreaming about this all their lives. They participate in talent shows, contests, community concerts, putting out mixtapes, etc. You wanted this!! You envisioned this!! In order to make something happen in your life you have to see yourself doing it. So once you get it and start getting awards for it, don’t start acting like you never saw this coming. I understand you’re happy. You’re surprised because you had serious competition and they’re were probably a better artist, but be real about it. Double H. Humble and Honest. When an artist says “I’ve been praying and working and dreaming about this my whole life! I’m so grateful and would like to thank my family and friends for this award”, that’s the truth. I appreciate it. Their admitting they’ve worked hard for it and they’re proud of their accomplishment, as they should be. But when they start that “oh, I never thought this would happen, i’m just a small town boy from the backwoods of okerdokeville where we didn’t have radios, all we had was one one-stringed bango and blah blah blah woe is me”, I get pissed, because you’re lying to all those people who bought your album, which probably sucked in all honesty because you can’t sing and you’re just the new Justin Timberlake replacement. And no I don’t hate Beiber.

So yeah, cut the BS famous people. Stop lying about your success. It’s an insult to everyone intelligence. And pockets if we bought your album.

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