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There will never be another Michael…… June 25, 2010

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There will never be another.

Today marks the passing of one of the most influential people to music. On June 25 2009, Michael Jackson passed away. It’s still shocking to me a year later. But instead of mourning his death, I choose to celebrate his life. Michael was truly a talented brotha. He had no formal music or dance training, yet he was one of the best there ever was. He was so much more than just a performer. He was a true philanthropist. He donated to so many charities, many known and unknown. Instead of celebrating his life and talking about the good things he did, people (mainly the media) chose to put out the negative things. Yes, Michael may have made some bad decisions ( i.e. befriending young boys), but if you think he would do harm to those boys or anyone for that matter, you must be out of your mind. And what really pisses me off? Everyone wants to wait until after his death to sing his praises. Now everyone wants to admit they lied about him and so forth. After this man was tormented and publicly ridiculed you want to change your story. I remember when Michael first started going thru the trials and so forth. I thought he was innocent and everyone told me I was stupid, made fun of me, but I didn’t care. Now that Michael has passed and his accusers come out and admit they were lying, NOW everyone wants to jump his defense. Where were you when he needed you?

Nonetheless, Michael may be gone, but his art is still here. His music, his videos, and even his style. Even though he is not here to see the love being shown to him, I’m happy that it is being shown. I believe Michael was truly a special person with special gifts. His influence is seen in all the newcomers that pop up on MTV all the time. But let’s make one thing clear, there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson. I don’t think anyone could will have the influence on pop culture as he did. Nor do I think anyone will be able to be as big a philanthropist as Michael was. He truly cared for human beings. No matter what race, religion, anything. He was truly a humble person. And he used his music to help others. Whether it was thru donating money, or donating lyrics, Michael did it. I believe he was truly a giving person. I pray that the Lord forgives him sins and grants him paradise. Long Live The King Of Pop.

This brotha was BAD!!!

Stay tuned for another moment in the life………….


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