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Who cares about Tiger!! February 24, 2010

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So apparently I’m one of the few people who didn’t watch Tiger’s press conference. For one, I was at work. And even if I wasn’t working. I still wouldn’t have watched it. Why? Because Tiger’s indiscretions are none of my business!! My name is not Abeo’ Woods. The only person who should have gotten that probably pre-written statement is his wife.

“But Tiger is a roll model and it is his responsibility to his fans to own up to his actions.”

Give me a break! First of all, Tiger is not the first and DEFINITELY not the only person out there cheating on their wife. There are plenty of sports figures, as well professional figures and political figures that we know about and that we don’t know about that are doing dirty WORLDWIDE. No one is raising hell about that though.

Secondly, we live in a society where it is encouraged for a man to have a wifey and a few on the side. You have all these “realityTV” shows that showcase all these people sleeping with other people. It’s all over the radio and movies. And you wanna get mad at Tiger? That’s hypocritical. Get mad at the society and the media that encourages this crap.

Don’t get mad at Tiger and say he’s a bad influence on your kids, when you kids are watching marathons of Tila Teqila, The Bachelor, Soap Operas , and all these other vessels of profane insanity. The truth is, your kids probably aren’t as appalled as you are.  Especially if they all know that their married teacher is bangin’ the janitor and Timmy in 3rd period math. But that’s another post.

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Love me after today!!! February 14, 2010

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Peace world!! Well, I’ve upgraded and got a webcam!!! I’ll still manually type my post, but every now and then, I’ll do a video blog, like today!!!

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Love and Lost, or Never Loved At All? February 12, 2010

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of people tend to reflect on their past and/or current relationships. I myself am doing the same thing and I found myself asking the age-old question:

Is is better to love and lost than to never loved at all?

Seeing as how I went from never loving to being in love and losing it, I believe it’s better to have loved and lost. Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that there is someone out there who is thinking about you, checking on you, and cares for you unconditionally is a wonderful feeling. Even though my heart got hurt, I’m still blessed to have experienced love and I’m sure I will experience it again, only next time it will be stronger.

So how can I still support love even though I’ve been hurt? I’m not the type of person to hold grudges. Everything happens for a reason. Yes I was in love, it didn’t end up the way I wanted, but I’ll take what I’ve learned from that relationship and use it to better myself for my future relationships. I think we as a society focus so much on the fact that the love didn’t work, that we become very senile and critical. As a result, you have a bunch of angry, single people and they attract fellow angry single people, and then you have a bunch of angry couples. But if you change your mindset and take what you’ve learned from that failed relationship, that may help you to prepare for the one who is really meant for you.

After experiencing love, I sympathize with those who have not experienced it. A loveless heart is a lonely heart. Love is a very strong emotion. However, if love is not cared for correctly, it can do serious damage i.e. people who swear to never love again.

I think it’s extreme to say “I’ll never love again”. You can’t necessarily control when you fall in love. When it happens, it happens. You might be able to slow it down, by not paying attention to the person you’re with, but then you may lose that person. Love is about taking chances. When you’ve been hurt, you guard your heart more, but you have to make the decision to trust someone and to allow yourself to love and be loved. It’s a risk that you have to take. And it’s worth it in my opinion.

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Who are we to judge? February 3, 2010

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It’s amazing how events such as the Haitian earthquake can bring out the ignorance in people. I think it’s wonderful that so many people are donating to the Haitian people. It’s wonderful.

However, I think it’s ridiculous and absolutely absurd for people to try and justify the earthquake by saying “oh, well, they made a deal with the devil.” WHAT?? Thousands of people lost there lives and many more unfortunately might, and you say that, basically, they had it coming? Get outta here. Who are you and who made you the final decider. You want to try and say that what someone TOLD you haitians did years ago is the reason for the earthquake. That has to be one of the most inconsiderate things I’ve heard. Do you know that almost 80% of the country is catholic? “Well, people practice it in their homes” is the response I’ve heard to that.

Ok, first of all, we live in America. You think people in power haven’t made deals with the devil? What about other countries that openly practice idolatry? No one is talking about them, but yet Haiti is being punished because of it’s historical links to vodou? And if you wanna start talking about Vodou, at least learn what it is. It’s isn’t devil worship. It comes from traditional african religions that enslaved african brought with them when they were forced from their homeland.

And what if this wasn’t a punishment towards them? What if it was meant for us? God bless the many who have lost their lives due to the earthquake and may God forgive them their sins and grant them paradise. The Haitian people are a strong people. That little country has been thru sooo much yet the survive. From THEE ultimate slave revolt, to being manipulated by the French Government, to previous earthquakes and tsunamis, to a corrupt government, and so on, they keep on surviving. Maybe it was meant for us to open our eyes and stop worrying about which celebrity is sleeping with who and worry about some serious issues. Haiti needed help long before the earthquake. Sure America may be in a “recession” but compared to Haiti, we are still living WELL.  It is our obligations as human being to help those who need it. There are an estimated 308,613,726 people in America. Imagine if every american donated $1 to Haiti. Amazing.

So stop trying to justify a tragedy. Stop acting as if you are above these people. You aren’t perfect. Just as quickly as their lives were turned upside down, yours can be too. Remember that…

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