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Clean ya ish up!!!! January 10, 2010

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So I was cleaning up my room today and the topic for today’s post came to me. Do you ever realize how good you feel after you clean up your house? I mean clean the kitchen, vaccum and sweep, dust, change your linen, the works. You feel great. Rejuvanated. You feel as if you can get things done now because your house is in order. You’ve made progess. What if we applied that same notion to our lives? Do ever realize how much better you’d feel once you clean up parts of your life? When you pay off that bill, or make amends with that friend, or send in the college application, whatever it is, you feel good. If we took the time to clean up our lives, our days would be so much better. We’d feel good about going to work, and even better about going home. We’d feel good when we go to the store, or when we hang out with friends. When you clean up your life, it shows. You start glowing, your personality brightens.  In essence, you’ve cleaned yourself from the inside out. Physical beauty may be skin deep, but inner beauty shines for miles. Clean up life, and you’ll find everything around you starting to look better as well.

Stay tuned for another moment in the life……………………….


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