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Help Haiti Now!! January 13, 2010

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If you can afford to give McDoanlds damn near $8 for a meal that will kill you, you can donate $5 towards a life that will live. Text ‘yele’ to 501501 to donate $5 or visit http://www.yele.org to donate. It’s is our obligation as humans to help those who can’t help themselves.


Please Pray For Haiti

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Haitian capital largely destroyed in quake

Casualties severe and widespread throughout Port-au-prince msnbc.com and NBC News
updated 12:45 a.m. ET, Wed., Jan. 13, 2010


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The Haitian capital was largely destroyed in the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in more than 200 years. Journalists from The Associated Press described severe and widespread casualties after a tour of streets where blood and bodies could be seen. 

The damage was described as staggering even in a country accustomed to tragedy and disaster. AP reporters said the National Palace was a crumbled ruin and tens of thousands of people were homeless. 

Many gravely injured people sat in the street, pleading for doctors many hours after the quake. In public squares thousands of people were singing hymns and holding hands. 

The quake had a magnitude of 7.0 and was centered about 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was followed by numerous aftershocks, one with magnitude 5.9, the USGS reported. 

“The whole city is in darkness. You have thousands of people sitting in the streets with nowhere to go,” said Rachmani Domersant, an operations manager with the Food for the Poor charity. 

In the hillside neighborhood of Petionville, Domersant said he saw no police or rescue vehicles. 

“People are trying to dig victims out with flashlights,” he said. “I think hundreds of casualties would be a serious understatement.” 

“People are out in the streets, crying, screaming, shouting,” Karel Zelenka, director of the Catholic Relief Services office in Haiti, told The Washington Post. “This will be a major, major disaster.” 

Reuters video showed numerous bodies beneath collapsed walls and the presidential palace lying in ruins. President René Garcia Préval was reported to be safe. 

Numerous other public buildings were destroyed, including the parliament building, the Finance Ministry, the Public Works Ministry, the Palace of Justice and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Port-au-Prince, the national cathedral, Haiti TV reported. 

The main United Nations building in Port-au-Prince collapsed and a number of personnel were unaccounted for, said U.N. peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy. He said other U.N. installations also were seriously damaged. The U.N. has a 9,000-member peacekeeping force in Haiti, following a 2004 rebellion. 

The executive director of Haitian Ministries for the Diocese of Norwich, Conn., Emily Smack, said she believed two of the organization’s staff, both Americans, were trapped in their partially collapsed mission house. 

The earthquake also destroyed much of the Port-au-Prince air traffic control tower, and flights were being rerouted by other Haitian air traffic facilities. 

‘A real killer’
USGS geophysicist Kristin Marano called it the strongest earthquake since 1770 in what is now Haiti. In 1946, a magnitude-8.1 quake struck the Dominican Republic and also shook Haiti, producing a tsunami that killed 1,790 people. 

The temblor appeared to have occurred along a strike-slip fault, where one side of a vertical fault slips horizontally past the other, said earthquake expert Tom Jordan at the University of Southern California. The earthquake’s size and proximity to populated Port-au-Prince likely caused widespread casualties and structural damage, he said. 

“It’s going to be a real killer,” he said. 

The shaking was felt more than 300 miles away in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republican, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A tsunami alert was issued but later canceled 

U.S. says it’s ready to assist
U.S. officials in Haiti reported that all land telephones and cell phones were down in Port-au-Prince, a city of almost 2 million people. 

But Haiti’s ambassador to the United States, Raymond Joseph, said from his office in Washington that he was able to speak to Préval’s chief of staff, Fritz Longchamp, just after the quake hit. He said Longchamp told him that “buildings were crumbling right and left” near the national palace. 

The State Department said the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince was still functioning. It said the embassy was “currently accounting for staff and attempting to activate the U.S. citizen warden network.” 

Offers of help immediately poured in. 

In Washington, President Barack Obama ordered U.S. officials to start preparing to deliver humanitarian assistance. 

The Red Cross directed $200,000 to immediate assistance, and the Inter-American Development Bank, a Washington-based agency that focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, said it also would provide $200,000 in immediate aid for food, water, medicine and temporary shelter. 

Haitian musician Wyclef Jean urged his fans to donate to earthquake relief efforts, saying he had received text messages from his homeland reporting that many people had died. 

“We must think ahead for the aftershock, the people will need food, medicine, shelter, etc.,” Jean said on his Web site. 

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the United Nations’ special envoy for Haiti, said in a statement that “my U.N. office and the rest of the U.N. system are monitoring the situation, and we are committed to do whatever we can to assist the people of Haiti in their relief, rebuilding and recovery efforts.” 

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti,” Clinton said. 

‘White cloud of smoke’
The quake struck shortly before 6 p.m. local time (5 p.m. ET), and hundreds of people streaming into the streets in panic. 

Marie Michel, a nurse from New York, was in Montagne Noir, a mountain suburb south of Port-au-Prince, for a funeral. She said she had heard unconfirmed reports that at least one person was killed when a large supermarket nearby was flattened. 

“I heard a rumble, and then the house started to shake — a 5,000-square-foot solid house shook like a leaf,” Michel told NBC News. “I can’t imagine what other people felt.” 

“From where I’m standing, it looks like smoke, like a white cloud of smoke, and I’m thinking it’s maybe the dust from buildings collapsing — from shanty houses collapsing. … We’re still quite shaken.” 

Dixie Bickel, who runs two orphanages outside Port-au-Prince with her daughter, Laurie, told NBC News that the earthquake was the worst she had experienced in her 19 years in the country. One of the orphanage buildings, four stories tall, visibly twisted for about 30 seconds, and babies were knocked out of nannies’ arms, she said. 

All of the orphanages’ children were accounted for, Bickel said. 

Luke Renner, an American humanitarian worker based in the city of Cap-Haitien on the north coast of the island, told NBC News he felt the “whole world shaking.” He said that he thought trees were going to fall down but that there did not appear to be any major structural damage in that city. 

Most of Haiti’s 9 million people are desperately poor, and after years of political instability the country has no real construction standards. In November 2008, following the collapse of a school in Petionville, the mayor of Port-au-Prince estimated about 60 percent of the buildings were shoddily built and unsafe in normal circumstances. 

Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., chairman of the Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, said it was “the worst possible time for a natural disaster in Haiti.” The country  is still recovering from a string of devastating storms just over a year ago: Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike and Tropical Storm Fay. 

Those disasters are believed to have killed 800 people and caused $1 billion in damage. 

By Alex Johnson and James Eng of msnbc.com with Carlo Dellaverson, Jay Blackman, Mark Murray and Courtney Kube of NBC News. The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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Clean ya ish up!!!! January 10, 2010

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So I was cleaning up my room today and the topic for today’s post came to me. Do you ever realize how good you feel after you clean up your house? I mean clean the kitchen, vaccum and sweep, dust, change your linen, the works. You feel great. Rejuvanated. You feel as if you can get things done now because your house is in order. You’ve made progess. What if we applied that same notion to our lives? Do ever realize how much better you’d feel once you clean up parts of your life? When you pay off that bill, or make amends with that friend, or send in the college application, whatever it is, you feel good. If we took the time to clean up our lives, our days would be so much better. We’d feel good about going to work, and even better about going home. We’d feel good when we go to the store, or when we hang out with friends. When you clean up your life, it shows. You start glowing, your personality brightens.  In essence, you’ve cleaned yourself from the inside out. Physical beauty may be skin deep, but inner beauty shines for miles. Clean up life, and you’ll find everything around you starting to look better as well.

Stay tuned for another moment in the life……………………….


New Year, New Me January 6, 2010

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Peace be with you world. So I know I haven’t posted anything in a loooooong time, but I now have access to internet and i’m going to try to update this weekly.

I have offcially been in NY for a year now, so I figured my first posting would be on the anniversary of my move here. Last year was such a hard, yet life changing year for me. I’ve been thru so much and have learned so much. I know (and pray) that 2010 will bring bigger and better things for me. It’s a new year for the world, a new year for me (i’m a january baby) and time for the newness.


So moving from your parents’ house to your own place (much less states away) will force you to get your finances together. If you don’t, you’ll be in the world of trouble, or really broke and back at mom’s and dad’s. Being on my own has made me realize how much money I wasted while I was living at home. I had a good paying job, and didn’t have to worry about paying for rent, or food. Just car note, insurance, and cell phone. I could’ve easily paid off my bills, but I chose not to. But it’s ok. I’ve learned my lesson, and in-sha Allah (if G-d wills) i’ll have them all paid off in 2010 (except student loans of course). During this past year, I have seriously struggled. I admit i’ve eaten peanut butter for lunch and dinner. Not because I was broke, but because I still wasn’t managing my money and after paying for rent and other bills, I was broke until the next paycheck. But no more of that. I’ve completely redone my budget so I understand it better. I’ve paid off two of my four bills within a matter of months (YES!!!). I’m on my way to financial stability. I’m working on building up my credit, because eventually I’d like to buy a house with my husband one day. No i’m not engaged. Which brings me to my next point:


Two months into living here, I met a brotha who at first, I thought wouldn’t matter, but our relationship grew into more than that. For the first time, I fell in love with someone. I mean, we talked about having kids, traveling, going back to Detroit to meet my family, marriage, all the workings. I met his family, friends, told my family and friends about him. I thought he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We broke up for a minute, got back together, and then all of a sudden he just cuts me off. No phone calls, no voicemails, no “happy b-day” wishes nothing. So I guess you can say he broke up with me without actually telling me lol. Everything happens for a reason, and I guess we just weren’t meant to be, but it HURTS LIKE HELL. I admit, I got my heart broken. Even while I’m typing this, i’m fighting back tears. But I’ve learned from this relationship. I’ve learned alot about myself as well as interracting with the opposite sex. And even though the way it ended hurts the most, I still don’t regret any of it. I’m am grateful to G-d to have met him. Even if he did hurt me, i’ve learned from the relationship. And even though we may not be meant to be together (which hurts like HELL), there was a reason that G-d brought him into my life. And I’m truly thankful he did. Because I’ve come out of it with much more than I thought I would.

So that means that i’m back to the drawing board. Back to looking for my unicorn. I think that makes this break-up even harder. Especially when so many of my friends are married and my best friend is getting married. One starts thinking “hey? what about me? when will my turn come?” Being the single friend sucks!!! And i’m sick of it. But I have to be patient. Even though I just turned 26 and my clock is ticking, i’m still patient. We plan, and G-d plans. Surely, G-d is the best of planners.


I’ve always been fairly independent, but this year has been completely different. I’ve always done what I’ve wanted, and never cared what people thought, but now, not only do I still not care, but I don’t have to worry about it because there isn’t anyone here lol!! Aww, the beauty of moving away from home.

So what’s in store for 2010? In-sha Allah nothing but greatness. I only gave myself one resolution for 2009. That was to move to NY and Al-hamdulilah (Praise be to G-d) that has happened and I’ve been here for a year. So what about 2010? What will be my resolution for this year? I’ve decided to give myself a few and to accomplish them all.

1. Get financially stable

Like I said above, I want to improve my credit so I can buy a house in the future. I already have a plan set up to pay off my bills. That should be done in a few months. Financial stability here I come!

2. Get back into school

My goal is to start school in April. That was one of the main reasons for me moving to NY. Time to get up on it.

3. Get into the nearest gym

Most people say “Oh I wanna lose 20 pounds” and whatnot. But I know me, and I know if I set that type of goal for myself, it won’t happen. Why? Well in order to lose weight you need to workout, which I don’t. So how can I say i’ma lose weight if I don’t do what’s needed. Once I get into the actual workout, then I can set more goals for myself. But for now, I just need to get started.

4. Improve my relationship skills

Hard to do when you’re single right? Wrong. Remember, this wasn’t just some flemsy thing. Those of you who know me know that I don’t do the”open relationship/just chillin” type thing. And while I may be single, I can look back at the relationship and evaluate my end of it. Now in the “what did I do wrong” sense of thnigs, because I didn’t do anything wrong, but in the “what can I do to make sure my next relationship is the best relationship”. I want to work on being the best woman I can be. I’m a very independent woman, as many woman are nowadays, but sometime we have to learn to be ladies and let gentlemen be gentlemen. I want to better myself, because then that will better my (future) relationship.

Suggested reading:Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment by Steve Harvey

5. Get involved

Back in Detroit, I was what you may call a social butterfly. I mean I was busy all the time, but in a good way. I enjoyed it. During 2009, I was just trying to adjust to living on my own, but now that I been here for a year, it’s time to get comfy. The is NY of all places, there’s always something to do. It’s time for me to get back into the community and start working.

6. Regulary update this blog

Yeah I know I’ve said that before, but since I have a laptop now, I can update it for really real lol. I wanna try to do it every Sunday. I just chose to update it on a wednesday since that is the anniversary of my move.

I’m so excitied about 2010!! I think this will be an amazing year for me. 2009 was difficult, but surely with difficulty comes ease.

Reflecting on the past, preparing for the future......

Stay tuned for another moment in the life………………………..