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The “N” word July 7, 2009

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So while I’ve been in NY I’ve noticed that EVERYBODY uses the N-word.¬† Now I know that other races have been saying nigga for sometime now, but I haven’t heard so many people say it before. I guess me coming from segregated Detroit to a more culturalized New York makes hearing that word from a non-african american so commonly a little surprising. My questions is this, everyone is calling everyone a nigga nowadays, but what about the nigga mentality? ¬†Have we forgotten about that? Being loud in pubic for no reason. Buying rims for your car when you and your babies have no food. Acting like damn fools and embarrassing your race. Ya’ll know what I mean. But for some reason, no one wants to think about that. Now me personally I don’t use the word unless it’s needed. If you act like a nigga, I might call you a nigga. That doesn’t mean I get all up tight each time I hear the word either. I understand that the word will never go away. The problem isn’t the word anymore, it’s the mentality. Kudos for NAACP burying the word, but how about the thought process that comes with it?