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I ain’t dead….. January 28, 2009

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So I know I haven’t posted in at least a month. Well my internet access is very limited since I moved to NEW YORK!!! Yep, I’m in the Big Apple. I’m trying to get settled here. I’ve been blessed to have my P/T Detroit job transfer here, because the economy is really bad, and jobs are scarce. Or it’s not that they are scarce, but instead of maybe 20 people applying for one position it’s more like 200 lol. No really, it’s that bad. But considering I’ve been here less than a month and have a job all ready, I consider that a blessing. Just hoping this 2nd job comes through. Then I’ll really be able to enjoy NY!!

I’m working on getting a laptop. Then I’ll be able to blog more often. Until then…


Stay tuned for another moment in the life……………….


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