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My Condolences October 30, 2008

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Jennifer Hudson and Mother Donna Donnerson

Jennifer Hudson and Mother Darnell Donerson

By now, we’ve all heard about the terrible tragedy that has fallen on Jennifer Hudson and her family. I can’t imagine what it feels like to loose 3 family members in the span of two days, and then have to deal with it infront of international media.  I pray that The Lord makes this easy on her family and grants her family paradise.


The Sunny Side of Truth October 27, 2008

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Those Truth Commercials about smoking are very creative. It beats the whole Stop Smoking  campaign which didn’t work too well. I think this is a much better approach. All of the commercials are clever, but this is by far the funniest one I’ve seen.



Stay tuned for another moment in the life………………


Swagger like who? October 24, 2008

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OK, so by now we’ve all heard Swagger Like Us by T.I. feat. Kanye, Jigga, and Wayne.  If not, here ya go:

The track is hot. I can’t lie. Eveyone is bangin’ it in their cars and so forth, but here’s the question I have:

Now that this song is hot on the streets, will people FINALLY get into M.I.A.???

That’s what annoys me. I’m sure that Kanye (who produced the track) knows who M.I.A. is, as does those on  the track, but what about that dude on the corner bangin the track, or that sista in her whip groovin’ to it? It’s unfortunate that people don’t take the time to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. It doesn’t hurt to try something new. You don’t have to like it.

So, for those of you who don’t know, let me put you on. This is M.I.A. and the video for FOURTH single “Paper Planes” from her SECOND album “Kala”. This is the track that they sampled. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SONG!!! If you can walk around singing her lyircs (face it, the chorus to Swagger Like Us are her lyrics) then you can at least hear the whole damn thing.

All I know is if they don’t put her in the video, I’ma be pissed.

Stay tuned for another moment in the life……….


Colin Powell Endorses Obama and Speaks Out Against Islamophobia October 22, 2008

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It’s about damn time someone said it!!! (see 4:30 mark)


Shit-talkers are universal!!!!!! October 21, 2008

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So today I was in a board meeting for my job. A few of the board members were saying “yeah, i’m gonna do this, and we’re gonna do that.” I thought to myself, “you haven’t done the other things you were gonna do!”. It reminded me of another board I’m on where people say they are gonna do things they don’t. That when I came to the realization:


I thought it was a just within my community, but it’s everywhere! And it irks the hell outta me!!! Now there are 2 different types of shit-talkers:

1. Those who say they are gonna do things and don’t do them.

2. Those who talk about people and things as if they are better than everyone.

This post is in reference to those who fit into the 1st category . I can understand that we are all busy and have other obligations. believe me, I understand. But if you say you’re gonna do something, then DO IT! If something comes up and you can’t do it anymore, SAY IT!! Don’t just keep dragging it on and on and then nothings happens. Sheesh. That’s a reason why or community is the way it is, because it’s full of shit-talkers!! Our community needs a colonic or something, cause it stinks!!

Now this post isn’t about people who genuinely can’t get something done that they planned to do. If they let the appropriate people know in a reasonable amount of time, then it can be done. But don’t say you’re gonna do something when you aren’t gonna do it, especially when you haven’t done it in the past.

I just had to get that off my chest.

Stay tuned for another moment in the life………………


Freedom of Expression Thru Music October 16, 2008

Those of you who know me know that I am an “artsy” type person. I believe that art can be expressed in a variety of different ways. Today I wanna touch on the form of art known as music and its role in my life. As much as it is exploited, there are still some “mainstreamers” (dare I call them that) out there that dare to be different and do what they do. Throughout this post, there will be videoes from different artists who I think are pushing the envelope and trying new things. Make sure you visit their websites and purchase their music.



You can say so much with music, thru words or beats. Sometimes words inspire beats, sometimes beats inspire words. Most people don’t know it, but I do enjoy writing (poetry and songs that is, not papers and so forth) and on occassion, I may even kick a note or two (in the shower that is). Regardless of where I do it, I enjoy doing it because it’s a form of release.

 When it comes to music, I have a very eclectic ear. You can thank my dad for that one. My dad is a music lover as well. On any given day I can wake up and hear music blasting from either his computer or his turnatable ( yes he still has one and yes I know how to use it.) I also used to spend alot of time at my grandmother’s house, who owned a piano. My grandmother played piano in her church and was self-taught. So naturally, I used to tinkle away at the piano all the time. That helped to develop my musical ear. My parents enrolled me in this piano class, but the lady was boring and my parents didn’t force me to practice, so that died out. Looking back on it, I wish they would have been a little more strict when it came to that, but ah well. Anywho, my dad is primarily a Motown/Jazz guy, but he’s also in to doo-wop and a bunch of other stuff. Believe or not, my dad, soul bro #1, owns a Barbara Streisand album. Go figure. Even though I mostly heard Old School R&B and Jazz growing up, everynow and again, I’d get something different. I also attended an african centered school, so it was nothing but R&B and oldies for me. Earth, Wind, and Fire being my favorite.




So I didn’t know anything besides R&B and Jazz until the 5th grade. For 5th grade, my parents put me in a public school and I got introduced to the culture of Hip-Hop. And boy was it a culture shock – a good one that is. I also joined the band and started playing the clarinet. I had also gotten my first radio, and that was when 95.5 and FM98 where the places to get hip-hop. I know all my Detroit Fam remember 95.5 on saturdays. Straight Detroit House Music. Those were the days. Back when you heard music like this all night:

  Ignore the video, just listen, unless you’re in to Final Fanatsy, then enjoy!


So for 6th grade, my parents put me in an Islamic School. I also started going to an Islamic Summer camp (shout out to all my Camp Al-Hilalers). That’s where I got introduced to the whole pop scene. The Boy Band craze was coming back and I was falling for it. Sarah McGlaughlin was also starting to blow, so from being around different cultures, I got turned on to the whole Alternative/Punk/Rock music scene.


For high school, I went back to my african-centered education. For 9th -11th grade, I wasn’t sure of how to come to grip with my eceletic ear. While in school, I joined the short-lived choir ( I co-worte the song we sung at graduation ’99) and even joined the band (to play guitar…in a marching band. don’t ask). It wasn’t until I was in 12th grade and I found out about Okayplayer.com. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey lol. That was and still is a site where people listen to EVERYTHING even though it’s primarily a hip-hop site. (Shout out to all my OKPs). That’s also how I got turned on MAJORLY to A Tribe Called Quest. Now by my 12th grade year, Tribe was nearing the ned, but it didn’t matter. I don’t remember where but I heard “Bonita Applebum” and even though the lyrics may be a little suggestive, the Jazz influence spoke to me. I bought the albums, I liked….correction…LOVED what I heard, and i’ve been hooked every since.


Graduated from high school in 2001, went to Wayne State Univeristy. For the next few years I was really into the “neo-soul” movement. I was no longer an OKP lurker. Now I was posting and everything. I also got turned onto another one of my favs, Jazzyfatnastees:


So here am I am, ending 2008 and my music ear is crazier than ever. I no longer feel the need to question my musical preference when I change environments. I’ll listen to any damn thing. Yes, R&B/Soul will be a main stay in my life because that’s where my roots lay, but that doesn’t mean that I will neglect another persons form of artistic expression. I’m not in any box. I own different boxes, and I fit in each one. So yes Monday, you may hear me bangin’ that new Neyo, and Tuesday you may hear me banging that Paramore, the fact of the matter is that I embrace it all. Turn off BET and turn on IMF (which I think is Fuse now). Take a break from the Hip-Hop Music Channel and visit the NuJazz Music Channel. Try something different. If you don’t like, fine, but don’t deprive yourself. There’s no use:



Stay tuned for another moment in the life………………


In Rememberence October 5, 2008

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So this post is late but I’ve been really busy, plus I wasn’t sure of how I would approach this. On September 9, 2008 the world lost one of the greatest, most wise person this world may have ever known and most people don’t even know it. The death of Imam W. Deen Mohammed came as a shock to many. I just saw him and shook his hand no more than a week before and to hear that he passed hit me like a brick. But it also opened my eyes to a few things:

1. Life is not guaranteed.

2. It’s time for the younger generation to step up. 

Even though he’s been gone almost a month, it’s still hard to believe he is gone. I had soooo much I wanted to learn from him, but I’ve come to realize that everything I need or wanted to know is already there. He left 33 years of knowledge and it’s time for those of us who say we are his students to stand up and get to work. The Imam did his job, it’s time to do ours.

To G-d we belong and to G-d we return. May g-d for give Imam Mohammed forgive him his sins and grant him paradise.